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Do It Yourself Wedding 包

Design Your Own Package to Fit Your Style and Budget!

Or just call our office to speak with our friendly and experienced team to help walk you through the steps!

Beautifully set table at a San Diego Wedding just before the catered food is served.


10 Simple Steps to Planning the Catering for your Perfect Wedding


  • Step 1 – 选择 your Venue, Date and Estimated Guest Count

    点击这里打开bt365世界杯的 首选地点列表!

    We can cater anywhere caterers are allowed – We handle all insurance, licensing, etc.

  • Step 2 – Figure your Ceremony Starting Time

    Ceremonies typically last 30 minutes to 1 hour, Depending on Your Ceremony Plans

  • Step 3 – 选择 your 开胃菜 for Cocktail Hour

    点击这里打开bt365世界杯的 餐前小点心 & 开胃菜bt365世界杯!

    Minimum 2 Items – 1 Hour of Hors D’oeuvres Service Included

    We suggest 2-5 Items Total, Including 1-2 Displays & 2 - 3相互传递的物品.

  • Step 4 – 选择你的 饮料

    Full Bar Options or, Provide your own Alcohol & 只雇佣酒保! : 浏览栏选项

    只需要酒吧用品? (冷却器,冰 & 你的酒吧杯子!) : 浏览酒吧供应

    Soft Drinks, Lemonade, Freshly-Brewed Iced Tea, Coffee, etc. : 浏览饮料

  • 步骤5 -选择bt365世界杯

    很多风格 & 可供选择的价格! : 浏览餐饮bt365世界杯

    1 Hour of Dinner Service Included

    价格从7美元.99 to $29.99年人均! From BBQ to Formal Cuisine!

    定制更! 选择你的 配菜、混合 & 匹配任何物品!

    Buffet Style Service Included, 家庭式 & 镀升级 可用!

  • Step 6 – 选择你的 Plateware

    在一个预算? Basic Disposable Plates, Plasticware & Heavy Paper Napkins Included!

    在这两者之间? 选择 from our selection of 升级后的一次性用品

    想要盛装打扮? 选择 Glass Plates or Elegant 中国

    玻璃器皿 & 桌边水夜总会 & 酒服务! : 浏览玻璃器皿

  • Step 7 – 选择你的 服务

    服务 Include Additional Service Time as Needed

    设置 & 分解你的场地? : 浏览设置选项

    减少 & Serve your Cake or 甜点? : See 切蛋糕 Service

    把你的面包? : 看到香槟服务

    小时后清理? : 浏览清理选项

    Day-Of Coordinator to ensure all your Plans Happen as you Envision? : Browse Wedding Coordinator 包

    你需要 a DJ, Florist, 娱乐, Shuttles, Photographer, or any Additional Vendors? We can refer you to one of our Trusted Industry Partners, or we can book it all for you with our 婚礼上的协调 服务! 问问!

  • Step 8 – 选择你的 租赁

    你需要 表 & 椅子?

    你需要 Table 床单 or Linen Napkins?

    你需要 Additional 租赁? 树冠, Heaters, Dance Floors, etc. : 浏览租赁选项

    所有自助餐用品 & Décor to Match Your Theme are Included! 看看bt365世界杯 亚麻色的选择 查阅bt365世界杯的 Themed Décor for a Fun Buffet!

  • Step 9 – Total Your Package

    把上面的选项加起来 & Calculate 25% Service Charge & 7.75% CA销售税

    Service Charge covers all related Catering Equipment & especially all Staff needed 确保顺利进行 & 无压力日!

    Minimum Prices apply to groups under 100, keep an eye out for posted Minimums!

  • Step 10 – Optional Gratuity

    We recommend 15% of Food & Beverage items and we can include it in the total for you.

    All gratuities received are shared amongst on-site staff and the many support staff that work together on your event– Including Cooks, 规划者, 销售团队, 加载 & Unloading Crew, Dishwashers, etc. Up to 100 employees work as a team to make your event a Success!

Once you make your choices, you can sit back and relax - we will make your life easy!

只是 打电话给bt365世界杯 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to put all this in motion!

  • 10% Deposit is Requested to hold your date.
    50% Deposit is Requested 2 Months before event.
    Balance is due the day before the event.
    (Other payment plans are available upon request.)
    Any type of payments are accepted – cash, check or charge.

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